For You My teacher

For you, my English teacher Btissam

My teacher gave me lessons that I could carry for life
And showed me how to take on any strife

I owe it all to my teacher, she always knew what was best
No matter how hard I tried she never let me rest

My teacher taught me right from wrong,
Showed me how to get along,

She said you’ll make it if you try,
No matter how the world comes by.

You’ve given me the strength,
To find my way and length

My teacher, you’re so wise and understanding
Always there with kind words and a helping hand

Helping me learn and be the best I can be
Filling my heart with knowledge and glee

My teacher, you’re the one who guides me along
Every challenge met, every lesson I learn is to my own song

My teacher guides my learning everyday
Her wisdom helps me find a better way

My English teacher Btissam is the best
She’s always near to help me be the greatest

My English teacher, she takes me higher
She knows just how to make me reach that fire

My teacher never gives up on me
She knows just the right words to help me see

That I can do anything I set my mind to do
She’s always there to show me what I can really do

My teacher, you’re like an angel sent from above
Whatever I become it’s thanks to your love

Thank you my teacher for making my life so much brighter
For teaching me lessons that will make me a fighter
You always show me the way,
And I’m so proud to say,
You’re the one who’s been there for me.
Saad Farah
3rd grade”B”
Saint Dominique Middle School


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