10 Remote Work-From-Home Jobs that Pay Well

It’s offered by New Skills Academy, who have been offering outstanding price discounts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are three remote bookkeeping jobs that can be done remotely at an entry-level position. Although there could be other job titles for translation services, most will at least include the word “translator” in the title. Research jobs also ranked highly in our article on the best jobs for work life-balance.

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Data scientists use analytical tools to find information based on data. You might be responsible for figuring out which particular data is useful for a project and where you can find that data. You can also use data visualization software to present your conclusions based on the data you’ve collected. As a data scientist, you may also be responsible for offering suggestions or goals for a project based on your analysis of the information presented. You do most of your work with computers, so getting a job in the field can allow you to work from home or another remote location is possible. To go into more depth consider an online remote job course, such as this one from digital nomad Jordan Carroll.

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As social media becomes a business necessity across industries, demand for savvy social media experts will likely continue to grow. As we begin to look toward our post-pandemic future, it seems that more and more companies plan to permanently support more remote work opportunities across a wide range of industries. If you’re interested in pivoting to a job that allows you the flexibility that comes with working from home, consider these career options. Remote work offers a lot of flexibility for employees but requires discipline. Successful remote workers are able to manage themselves, schedule their own time, and plan projects without constant input from others.

  • Remote work is any type of job or task that is completed outside of a traditional office environment.
  • You could also have a specialty like tax accounting, forensics accounting, or internal auditing.
  • It includes giving information regarding products and services, solving problems, and dealing with complaints.
  • I highly recommend you sign up for this FREE 3-part video series by Ben Robinson and learn the essentials needed to become a successful bookkeeper.
  • If you enjoy working with numbers and using data to solve problems, consider a career in data science, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.
  • You may be responsible for monitoring networks and looking for suspicious activity, as well as installing software that protects against malware attacks.

Connecting this paradox is this excellent online course for remote jobs in sales. There are plenty of easy certifications for remote jobs, but sometimes an advertised course can appear too good to be true. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communication, or sales management is sometimes required to become a sales representative.

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You should be happy to know that the program teaches you how to kickstart your bakery using readily available equipment. You don’t need any prior notice and there is a ready market on Etsy for homemade dog treats. This is where the services of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant come into play. Check out this ultimate beginner guide for everything you need to know to become an online proofreader. She clearly explains the motive, skills, and tools needed to become a freelance proofreader in her free 76-min workshop. The #1 reason is the boss, then comes stress and long work hours.

Covid helped people realise you don’t need an office to do good work. An accredited online course will help you jump the queue when applying for a remote VA role. There are many different coding languages and different jobs require different skills. Similar to Salesforce, best courses for remote jobs Microsoft Dynamics is a popular cloud suite helping businesses manage their customer relations. If you’ve never used Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM software, it’s very difficult to prove your suitability for an online customer service role.

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Check out Micala Quinn’s revolutionary program Overwhelmed to Overbooked. With over 20 hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps you can Go from Beginner to Advanced – This is the most comprehensive digital marketing course available. Online flipping involves finding undervalued products from physical or online markets and selling at a profit. The hustle is easy for people who love buying from garage and yard sales.

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